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As your partner in repairing your credit, our job is to CLEAN your credit file and INCREASE your credit score. The Squeaky Clean Credit team understands how ‘challenged credit’ can impact your life and your lifestyle, Squeaky Clean Credit will focus on credit repair processes to get your scores higher while you focus on keeping it that way.

We guarantee that you will see an increase in your credit score within the first 45 days or we will give you your money back. Squeaky Clean Credit uses the Fair Credit Reporting Act to Dispute derogatory items. We use the FDCPA Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to stop credit collectors from using deceptive and unfair debt collection practices

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How we can help clean up your act!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, credit repair is absolutely legal. Credit repair is a request of creditors to “prove a specific item/account exists”. If a creditor or credit bureau is unable to provide the requested documentation, by law, they are required to remove any inaccurate information from your report. If an item/account cannot be proven, it does not exist.

Late pays on closed accounts, collection accounts, charge-offs, medical bills, evictions, judgements, repossessions, foreclosures, discharged bankruptcies, and tax liens.

Unfortunately, we haven’t cracked the code for computing FICO scores. However, we do know some items greatly impact your credit score: age of accounts, variety of accounts (installment loan, mortgage, revolving account), debt to credit ratio, derogatory items, and inquiries. When you remove derogatory items and decrease your debt, you can greatly improve your FICO score:

35% – Payment History

30% – Debt Ratio

15% – Length of Credit History

10% – Types of Credit
10% – Number of Credit Inquiries

“Every client is different. Depending on whats being reported but in general you can expect to start seeing some improvements in 1-3 months and significant improvement in 6 months

Yes, we will dispute every derogatory item on closed accounts simultaneously for all three bureaus for as long as you pay the monthly recurring fee.

Yes, you must sign up with www.creditchecktotal.com and www.equifax.com for their 30 day free trial.  If you have a public record, we need notarized driver’s license and SSN to our email.  Your driver’s license, SSN, and notary can all be on a single document.

STEP 1: Complete Our Online Application.

STEP 2: Sign up with www.privacyguard.com or  www.creditchecktotal.com.

STEP 3: We will contact you to provide you with free credit consultation.

STEP 4: If you are interested in enrolling in our programs, we will email you an invoice.  All services will begin as soon as the invoice is paid.

STEP 5: We will need additional information such as your physical address, date of birth, and Credit Check Total login information to dispute derogatory items and inquiries with the credit bureaus.

STEP 6: We will need copies of your driver’s license, social security card, utility bill, and a notarized letter to dispute negative items with the credit bureaus.  You can email or fax us this information.

STEP 7: You will have to notarize your dispute letters, so the bureaus will know it is YOU who is disputing this information. Unfortunately, we cannot sign documents on your behalf, so you’ll have to get them signed in front of a notary.

STEP 8: We will run a new Credit report every 35 days while being enrolling in our program. Do not run more than one new report a month.

Do not apply for financing until the process is over.

Squeaky Clean Credit has found that notarized letters offer more effective results. Notary services require proper identification from the party seeking this service (you must be present to present YOUR identification). Squeaky Clean Credit seeks to be as effective as possible, period.

We advise our clients to do both. Sending the dispute letters via mail and fax ensures that the credit bureaus receive them as quickly as possible. Squeaky Clean Credit will fax the letters over to the bureau before handing them over to you for notary and Priority mail w/delivery confirmation..

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No one can argue that anything that feels fresh, and clean, brings perfect peace into your life. We are honored you have visited our website. We are eager to put some elbow grease in and scrub your credit report clean!

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